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Friends in high places

What with this week’s hectic and unexpected waitressing schedule, I haven’t even had time to write about a few other recent fun events.

Last weekend, I went down to Porta Nuova to greet my lovely blonde friend, Cat, who had come from England for a couple of days in search of pizza and Aperol.

We essentially spent three whole days eating, drinking, and eating some more, with the occasional shopping break when we passed Via Roma on the way from one bar or restaurant to the next.

We had originally intended to do something cultural during her stay, but disgracefully didn’t actually manage anything of the sort, having been put off the cinema museum by the rude lady at the ticket office, given up, gone shopping instead, and then having enthusiastically bounded towards the Egyptian museum on Monday morning only to find it closed. What can I say? We tried, and this way at least she’ll have to come back.

As a desperate last attempt at doing something in Turin that we couldn’t have just done in England, the Greek took us up to one of my favourite places in the whole city, the Basilica di Superga.

He had already brought me up here a month or so ago, but I’d wanted to go back anyway as I didn’t have my camera with me the first time and it’s such a beautiful place that I wanted to take some photos.

The view this time wasn’t as good as usual because a complete lack of wind meant the cloud/city smog combination stopped us from seeing the mountains at all, but it’s still a pretty awesome place. We spent a little while just looking over the wall at the whole city and taking some silly pictures in front of the beautiful basilica (including a masterclass from the Greek on how to pout for photographs…) before driving back down to town to stuff Cat with some more delicious Italian pizza at Amici Miei before she went home on Tuesday morning.

Continuing the theme of going to fun places with great views, I made some excuses to get out of the evening shift on day two of my waitressing trial as I’d already arranged to go to a very cool sounding (and surprisingly free) party with the Greek and some friends of his, which took place on the roof of the old Fiat factory in Lingotto, in the south of the city.

The roof at Lingotto used to be used as a test track for cars, and also has a glass bubble-type structure on the top which is still used as a meeting room for important Fiat meetings but that evening the track was transformed into a party venue with bars and DJ sets, free hair salons and nail bars and a fashion show (which, in true Italian style, we arrived too late to actually see).

The dress code was black, which resulted in some interesting fashion choices from the Italians, who had interpreted it not as “something nice which is black” but rather “literlly anything black, even if that means patent trainers with horrible patterned tights”. I had a great night though, certainly helped in part by the fact that by the time we arrived, the superhero-mask-wearing barman had already got so pissed that he forgot to ask for our drinks tickets not once but four times, meaning our cocktails worked out to be exceptionally reasonably priced…

Several rum coolers and a bit of dancing later, my battered feet could take it no more and we went home so that I could have a glorified nap before another 11-hour day of waitressing, but it was good to have confirmation that I can combine having a job with leading this kind of glamorous Gap Life existence, even if my poor little feet don’t thank me the next day…

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