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Hello! If you don’t already know me, I’m Emma.


That’s me in the photo, looking smug about my tan and clearly thinking about what’s for lunch.


Born in Northern Ireland, brought up around the south of England, with a few years of high school in central London, a short spell at boarding school in the Midlands, a few years of university in the frozen North, 13 months in the Mediterranean ‘learning languages’ (on a glorified food tour of Madrid, Galicia, and Genoa), and currently living in northern Italy, I’ve spent 27 years moving house just frequently enough to never be able to really call anywhere home.


My particular case of not-being-good-at-staying-in-one-place-for-very-long is hereditary, owed to military parents whose stories of traveling the world are almost entirely to blame for my insatiable “wanderlust” (for lack of a less vomit-inducing term).


I moved to Turin, Italy on a whim in 2012 and took so long to get my paperwork in order that I’m still here 5 years later. I’m kidding, I’ve stayed so long because I love this infuriating country, and I have (much to my mother’s surprise) managed to create some semblance of a normal life, working as an account executive in an advertising agency in the city centre, renting a sweet little flat in a neighbourhood far cooler than I am, and spending my weekends seeking out new brunch spots and hanging out with my favourite Italian man.



This blog is my little passion project.


It started off as the lazy woman’s way to avoid answering “But what on Earth are you doing in Italy?” a hundred times in a row, with the added benefit of being the only kind of diary that couldn’t be accidentally left on a train.


But as time’s gone on, and I’ve managed to start travelling around more and fucking up bureaucracy less, I’ve begun to venture away from simple day-to-day diary territory and into the equally vague world of travel blogging. This means that amongst my little life updates, you’ll now find a few tips for my favourite destinations (in Italy and beyond), some “local” nuggets about my very underrated adopted home city of Turin, and some (hopefully) handy advice for anyone mad enough to think that moving to Italy might be a good idea.