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A step in the right direction

As you know, I’m on a big old job hunt at the moment, so have been frantically sending my CV to anyone who will take it, responding to adverts for jobs that I frankly don’t really want, and turning up at various offices to speak to people who typically behave as if they’d rather the Grim Reaper had scratched at the door with his scythe.

Yesterday, I spent the day catching up on all the adverts from late August and early September on the various (useless) jobseeker websites that I’ve signed up to, seeing as lately I’ve been holidaying rather than job hunting.

I sent my CV off to a bajillion café, bar, shop and receptionist type jobs that were being advertised, as well as to a few cool looking companies doing things in the area of events/PR/advertising/other cool-young-professional-type places that definitely weren’t advertising but where I want a job anyway.

I then responded to a real estate company advertising for new employees just because in that precise moment it sounded like a fun idea, and they, unlike almost every other advert, weren’t asking for 2 years experience, a degree in astrophysics, or fluent Bulgarian.

A couple of hours later, I got a phone call from a lady asking me to come for an interview, for… the spontaneously-applied-to real estate job. Right.

So this morning at the crack of dawn, I got up, selected yet another Look How Employable I Am ensemble, splashed on some bronzer, and walked down the longest road in the entire world until I got to number 105. I rang the citofono, went in, and was greeted by some smiley people who complimented my Italian and offered me coffee. Good start. They went on to tell me all about the company, what they do day to day, what a great “young” group of people they are (the man telling me this was at least in his mid-forties, but you’re only as old as you feel… right?), and they seemed pretty positive about me throughout. I didn’t splutter all my words out in one big long string of vowels, I answered all their questions, I made idle chit chat with one of them when the other went off to fetch the coffee and, to be honest, it all went remarkably well.

So, what’s the catch? Well, seeing as the company only opened a couple of months ago, they’re “still finding their client base”, so all earnings are based on commission, which given I have no experience, and that I would be doing the whole (very talking-based) thing in my second language, in a city that I still only barely know, I’m not sure I fancy my chances of earning enough money to pay my rent. Bummer.

On the plus side, today’s experience has given me a bit of my confidence back, especially after the hideous episode that I endured back in July, when upon arrival at a company’s headquarters with the intention of handing them my CV and being on my way, I was interviewed – no – interrogated, by a very scary man in a very scary office, crumbled under the pressure, muttered something about my excellent communication skills (oh, the irony), and sat awkwardly twiddling my hairband around my wrist and thinking “this is a catastrophe” until he finally let me leave.

So I’m treating today as a less disastrous practice run for my (so far non-existent) interview for my (so far non-existent) dream job, and I’ve got a newfound optimism for the job hunt after getting my first positive response since getting here.

Word of the moment: Perseveranza.

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